Revit Beginner Course

Course Outline

Level – Beginner |Cost- Free | Revit Version – 2018 and above |Includes Video Tutorials| | Duration – Self paced

You can learn with this course using module by module in the sequence that is presented here or you can also choose to look for a specific topic from the outline below. If there are any particular topics or questions that you would like to know more about, please feel free to Contacts Us.

To know more about the software, please click here. To download the latest available version of ‘Autodesk® Revit®’ software, please use the official website of Autodesk. If you are a student or an educator, then you can download a free education version of the software from Autodesk Education Page.


Module 1 Introduction

  1. Revit Concepts
  2. Navigation

Module 2 Basic 3D Modeling Tools

  1. Set up a new project file
  2. Create Levels
  3. Create Grids
  4. Basic Architectural Modeling Tools
  5. Basic Structural Modeling Tools
  6. Importing from other sources
  7. Site Design

Module 3 Documentation and Presentation

  1. Project Views
  2. Annotations

More TOPICS and MODULES coming SOON !


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