Modeling Components

Components are those building elements that are usually delivered and installed on site – such as furniture, plumbing fixtures, lighting, etc. Components are loadable families, which need to be loaded in the project from your content library.

There are free standing components such as furniture or equipment placed on a floor/level. There are also host-based components which are dependent on a building element that acts as a host such as a wall lamp that has wall as its host. When a wall is moved/deleted, the dependent component is also moved/deleted. Usually, the wall, floor, level/work-plane, roof, ceiling or a face of an object work as a host for components.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

Practice Tutorial:

If you would like to further practice your skills with placing components, please use the Practice Tutorial below where you will learn to,

  • To place a component in the model
  • To place a host-based component
  • Use Create Similar tool
  • To move a host-based component to a different host

PRACTICE TUTORIAL available here – “Modeling Components”


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