Site Development

In the previous tutorial about modeling Toposurface, we learnt about

  • Create a toposurface by points
  • Create a toposurface with DWG import
  • Create a subregion
  • Split and Merge toposurfaces
  • Create a graded region
  • Label Contour Lines
  • Site Settings

In this tutorial, we will talk about creating Building Pads and adding Site components (such as trees, bench, street lights, parking spaces, etc).

Building Pads

To flatten a piece of land on your site in order to position your building, use building pads. Building pads can only e created on a Toposurface. Revit will be able to automatically fill/cut the Toposurface in order to position the building pad on the specified elevation.

Step by Step Guide:

Learn about creating a building pad with this Video Tutorial – by Autodesk

Site Components

Site components are components whose host is a Toposurface. You can add Site Components such as trees and other plantings, landscape elements such as bench, street light, etc, Logistics elements such as parking spaces, vehicles, etc and other site development components.

Step by Step Guide:

Learn about how to add site components on your toposurface with this Video Tutorial – bu Autodesk


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