There are two types of dimensions in Revit: Temporary and Permanent. Temporary dimensions appear when you place or select elements, but disappear when that action is completed. Permanent dimensions need to be added for documentation and they are view-specific (they are displayed only on the view that they are being added to). In this tutorial, you will learn about,

  • Temporary Dimension
  • Permanent Dimension
    • Adding dimension to a project
    • Baseline and Ordinate Dimension
    • Spot dimensions
    • Dimension witness line

Temporary Dimension

Video Tutorial:

Learn what temporary dimensions are and how to control them in this video tutorial – by BIMscape

Step by Step Guide:

Permanent Dimension

Adding Dimension to a Project

Video Tutorials:

Learn how to add different types of permanent dimension to add dimension to your project with this video tutorial – by Balkan Architect

Step by Step Guide:

Baseline and Ordinate Dimensions:

Video Tutorial:

Learn how to add baseline and ordinate dimensions to a project with this video tutorial – by John Bordeau

Step by Step Guide:

Spot Dimensions

Video Tutorial:

Learn about adding Spot eleveations, Spot Coordinates and Spot slope in this video tutorial – by CADclips

Step by Step Guide:

Dimension Witness Lines

Witness lines are the lines that indicate which elements do the dimensions refer to. You can move the witness lines of the temporary as well as the permanent dimension to a new reference point. The measurement shown in the dimension will update automatically to the new reference.

Video Tutorial:

Learn about dimension witness line in this video tutorial – by twinsavior

Step by Step Guide:


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