This website is an initiative to create a platform for learning the software Autodesk® Revit® online and free.  Before you begin this training, I would like to highlight the need for practice! No training material or tools will help you learn any software unless you get your hands dirty and get into the field. Practice, Practice and Practice – that is the only way to learn anything, especially REVIT!

If you would like to use some sample project files, please download them from the Autodesk HELP page. To download the latest Autodesk® Revit® software, please click here.

If you have a specific question that has not been addressed here, please feel free to write to us at Contact Us.

Module 1: Introduction to REVIT

1.1 Understanding Basic Revit Concepts

  1. Building Information Modeling
  2. Understanding Revit file formats
  3. Concept of Revit Elements
  4. Different kinds of Revit Families
  5. Difference between Type and Instance Properties

M1 New project

1.2 Navigating in Revit

  1. Take the tour of the User Interface in the Video Tutorial by Autodesk
  2. Learn how to open a view and navigate to different areas of the model in the Video Tutorial by Autodesk
  3. Learn different methods to select elements in a model in the Video Tutorial by Autodesk

Module 2: Tutorials: Basic 3D Modeling tools for an Architectural project

Level: Beginner | Revit Version: 2019 

M2 tutorial 1

These tutorials are designed for professionals, students and individuals who are interested in using Revit for an architectural project. In this course, you will learn basic 3D modeling tools required to create a simple architectural residential project along with some best practices and tips.

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