Modeling Structural Beams

Beams area under the category Structural Framing in Revit. For a typical building structure, it is better to add Grids and Columns before adding Structural beams to your project for easier references. When adding a beam to a plan view, adjust the View Range so that the bottom clip plane is below the current level. This will allow the visibility of the beams in your view. Alternatively, you can also use a structural template where the view range is already adjusted to view the beams.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

Practice Tutorial

To further practice your skills in modeling beams, please use the Tutorial below. In this tutorial, you will learn,

  • To create an underlay
  • To add a structural beam/framing
  • To adjust the height of the wall using offset values
  • To convert architectural walls into structural walls
  • Temporary Hide/Isolate tool

Practice Tutorial: “Modeling Beams


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