Create Levels

Use the Level tool to define a vertical height or story within a building. Levels can be added or edited in a vertical view (either elevations or sections).

If you already have information about all the building story levels in your project, you may very well create them before you begin a project. If there are any changes later in the project, you can always come back and make these changes. In case, if you do not have information about all the levels, then it is necessary that you create at least one building story to begin your project. This makes it easier to attach your walls and other building elements to the levels.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

Practice Tutorial

If you would like to further practice your skills with levels, please use the Practice Tutorial below where you will learn to,

  • Rename a Level
  • Change the elevation height of a Level
  • Create a new Level
  • Copy a Level
  • Create a floor plan view

PRACTICE TUTORIAL available here – “Practice defining Levels”


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