Section Views

Section views cut through your model and defined section plane. You can adjust the view depth and width of the section view to control the visibility of the elements. There are three types of section views: Building sections, Wall sections and Detail sections. Once created, each of them is listed in the project browser under different location. Building and wall section views display in the Sections (Building Section) branch and Sections (Wall section) branch of the Project Browser. Detail sections appear in the Detail Views branch.

Video Tutorials

Learn about how to create section views with this Video Tutorial – by Autodesk

Step by Step Guide:

Sometimes, you want to refer to an existing section view or drafting view to help the reader understand the view being displayed. In such cases, you can create a Reference section that does not create a new view but refers to the existing view.

Practice Tutorial

If you would like to further practice your skills to create section views, please use the tutorial below. In this tutorial, you will learn,

  • To add a section view
  • To rename the section view
  • Adjust Crop Boundary and Far Clip Offset of a section view
  • Visibility / Graphics: Turn on/off elements in a section view
  • Visibility / Graphics: Adjust Project/Cut display of elements in a view
  • To break a section line
  • To split segment of a section line

Practice Tutorial: “Section Views


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